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The story of the Brin brand began to be written exactly a decade ago, when Erik combined his grandmother's and father's long-term brandy knowledge and created HIS first batch, which he poured into prestigious crystal bottles. He decided on this move because he wanted to restore the reputation of this undervalued drink, which serves as an excellent digestive, and put it in the place it deserves.

The Company

Later, he became increasingly interested in the preparation of gin, whose popularity in the world has been growing steadily in recent years.

With the help of books and internet forums, self-taught distiller carefully developed his recipe until, after two years and countless attempts to make this drink, he managed to develop gin for connoisseurs, which has been on the shelves for almost four years.

During this time, Erik diligently researched the flavors and from the first gin, by distilling fresh herbs, created Brin Citrus, which he himself describes as “summer in gin”. He achieved a combination of fresh, sweet and spicy flavors for real refreshment on hot holidays by mixing juniper berries, citrus fruits, lemongrass, lemon balm and lime. He diligently investigated the flavors with Brin Virgin Zero, a non-alcoholic distillate that wants to be gin, but should not be called that because it does not have the prescribed 37.5% alcohol.

Our Mission

Erik is most fond of Brinjevec because of the heritage of his family, while classic gin has established itself as a customer favorite and the flagship brand of Brin.

Our Vision

But this may soon change, as interesting novelties are already being prepared in Rodik, at the crossroads of the Karst and Brkini worlds, which will also be bottled in perfect black bottles, which were chosen for the International Wine & Spirits Competition in London last year. the best packaged spirits in the world.


The Founder

“Hope you will enjoy it as much as I enjoy making it.”

Erik Sarkić
10,000+ Happy Customer

10,000+ Happy Customer

Happy customer is best customer.
12+ Awards Won

12+ Awards Won

Many awards won all over the globe.
11 Years of Experiences

11 Years of Experiences

4th generation. Distilling is in my blood.

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