“The story of the gin actually begins with a Brinjevec – juniper brandy that my grandmother taught me to cook. Theoretically, Brinjevec is gin, but in the Primorska region we do not drink it as gin, but as a digestive. After many years of distilling juniper berries and producing first-class juniper, I decided to prepare the first gin. ” Erik

I spent a lot of time, we prepared a lot of blends to find the right combination of herbs. We used the highest quality, wild, hand-picked plants from the surrounding forests, specifically from Brkini, and combined them with other plants from around the world.

Once we collected the right plants, we obtained their bright, vibrant, fresh, new flavors by distillation. They combined them into the right balance and named it Gin Brin.

GinBrin, due to its pure flavors, is perfect for creating exceptional mixed drinks.

Today, we can boast a gold award issued by The Gin Guide Awards from London and ranked BRIN gin in first place in Europe in the category of traditional gins for 2018.

In 2019, Brin received a silver medal at the IWSC’s highest spirits rating. He received a score of 90 out of 100 possible points.

In 2019, gin Brin received a gold medal at the world’s largest spirits evaluation IWSC. For the best spirits design in the world.

Minister of Health warns: Alcohol consumption can be harmful to health!

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